Transport technology

In today’s modern economy, transport in its various forms is very important for getting products to market reliably, safely, qualitatively and quickly. Transport has many advantages, as it enables distances to be covered and people and goods to be moved from one place to another. In particular, road transport offers greater accessibility than any other form of transport. The main advantage of road transport is the high level of accessibility provided by an extremely extensive road network. When it is not possible to transport goods from origin to destination by other forms of transport, exceptional road transport is indispensable, as it allows the transport of specific loads of a larger volume and weight.

Extraordinary road transports are very demanding both in technical and technological terms, as well as in the economic aspect. Special means of transport with strong chassis and high axle load capacity are used for the transport of extraordinary cargo. At Vamar, we are aware that the production of chassis and emergency vehicles requires a multidisciplinary approach to planning, a complete analysis of the structure suitable for vibrations, calculation of dynamic loads, as well as analysis of kinematic characteristics. In the company, we have the technological know-how and high-performance and extremely precise equipment for the quality production of parts for transport technology.

The production program for transport technology includes:

special transport vehicle cabins

components for steering and driving

transport carts for the railway program

gantry crane supports