Vamar has established itself as a leading provider of a wide range of services within its core business. Our business focus covers a wide range of services including local and international transport, handling solutions, cutting and material handling services and corrosion protection.

Our priority is to provide high quality services that are fully tailored to the needs and requirements of our valued customers. Our professional team of experienced and dedicated experts is constantly dedicated to finding the most efficient and innovative solutions to optimise the performance of our services.

When providing bespoke services, it is of the utmost importance to us to ensure high quality and cost-effectiveness. Our long-standing expertise and experience enable us to tailor our services to small and large projects alike, and to meet the needs of a wide range of clients in different industries.

Our commitment to quality includes rigorous quality control and the implementation of all necessary procedures to ensure that all projects are carried out to the required standards and specifications. We ensure that all safety and environmental guidelines are strictly adhered to and are committed to sustainable and responsible practices in all our activities.



Vamar successfully handles complex handling of a wide variety of materials and loads, with a reliable team of experts and a wide range of forklift equipment, ensuring safe and efficient handling and optimum use of space and time.


We cut and process materials, including plasma and flame cutting and sheet bending, to create high quality products.


Vamar provides comprehensive transport services, including documentation, transport technology and the tracking and tracing of goods from origin to destination, with a focus on efficient transport strategy and economic choice, offering both international and local services for cargoes of different dimensions.

corrosion protection

The company Vamar specializes in the implementation of the entire range of anti-corrosion protection procedures for steel structures, including sandblasting, the application of a primer, intermediate and cover coating, which ensures long-term durability and high quality of products.