Transport Technology

Transports importance is shown throughout overcoming distances and movement of people and goods from one point to another. Road transport enables higher accsessibility than any other form of transport. When the transportation of cargo is not possible with any other form of transport, special freight transport shows its indispensability. Special freight transport allows a transport of specific cargo; when a vehicle exceeds the allowed axle loads, total length, width or height, either alone or together with its freight.


Special freight transports are very demanding in technical and technological, as well as in economic aspect. Special vehicles with strong chassis and a high load capacity are being used at special freight transports. At Vamar Group we are aware that production of these type of vehicles requires multidisciplinary approach towards planning, construction analysis, dynamic load calculations and kinematic characteristics analyisis. The company has the technological know-how and high-performance equipment for the quality production of the vehicle components for special freights.


Companies product line includes:

• Vehicle housing for special freights;
• Controlling and driving components;
• Transport carts for Rail transport;
• Overhead carriers.