The basic activity of Vamar is related to production and processing of various steel structured components. We have many years of experience in manufacturing, welding, assembly and dismantling of steel structures. We produce mostly semi-finished products, which are later incorporated into the finished products of our customers. In accordance with our knowledge and capabilities, we also take on and execute final products with assembly included.



Our production program includes a wide range of various products such as:


  • Plasma cutting of sheet metal up to 40 mm thickness;
  • Flame cutting of sheet metal up to 150 mm thickness;
  • Bending of sheet metal with press, 500t and 250t up to 3 m length;
  • Welded materials production up to 50t;;
  • Annealing;
  • Blasting, varnishing (chamber 3,2m x 14m)
  • Mechanical treatment;
  • Transport.

Our production program can be classified in the following main areas: transport technology, machine building and hydromechanical equipment. Our semi-finished products and finished products cover many areas of their use. They are based on the specific needs and projects of individual markets. Our production capacity amounts between 130 to 150t per month. Many years of experience, knowledge, expertise and tradition ensure the quality and reliability of our products and services.