Companies culture is oriented towards mutual loyalty and affiliation among employees, as well as among our business partners. This helps the company to gain and maintain competitive edge and guarantees long-term relationships.A culture based on the value of corporate management with a long-term policy thinking has become an important part of the future of the company.
Vamar Group defends values and sustainable development for its employees and business partners.



Long-term thinking and concern for customers. High quality and delivery guarantees. Introducing Innovation and constant technological improvements. Respect and commitment towards the employees.



As a reliable partner, Vamar Group produces high quality products for transport technologies and machine manufacture. With its progressive and constant development, along with the tendency towards perfection, the company has reached an enviable level in its industry. As a strategic partner for transport technologies production, Vamar Group has set itself to maintain partnerships on the highest level, to strengthen them and to promote its further expansion. Vamar Group tends to ensure long-term value and corporate culture preservation and will use its entire innovation and expertise in for the benefits of its customers and employees.