Vamar Group is oriented towards mutual loyalty and affiliation for our employees, as well as for our business partners. Based on this we create competitive advantage and a long-term business guarantee. Companies culture is based on the value of corporative management with long-term way of thinking, and has become an important part of company’s future. Daily repetition of activities until they become automatic, leads us towards excellence. We are aware that talents and natural abilities, knowledge and acquired experience form an important whole, although we would never achieve the desired goals and success without persistence to continue after failures and mistakes.


Implementation of high quality assurance standards is a necessity. We have implemented all the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standard, which guarantees quality management in our company and enables synergies with specific standards such as welding standards. It represents a standard framework for strategic and operational management at our company.


Quality policy is an integral part of Vamars business strategy and it applies to all employees at the company. Processes in the company are carried out in a manner and with the goal of meeting customer requirements and wishes. They are being checked regularly and improved through measurable goals. Technical know-how, along with a great deal of creativity and the will to work precisely, is the foundation for all Vamar products and services.


Excellent foundation guarantees the highest quality and reliability, so we try to implement this in to our day-to-day workflow.

We have developed a system of risk analysis, information, training and qualification, so that every employee has the opportunity to develop both personal and professional skills. Our management is committed to the implementation of quality policy, which ensures continuous improvement and fulfillment of the set goals on all levels of Vamar Group.