Digital transformation of SMEs (P4D-C19)

The company was successful in the Public Tender of the Incentive for Digital Transformation of SMEs (P4D-C19) with the project: Digital Transformation of Vamar d.o.o. The purpose of the project is to stimulate the growth and development of the company and eliminate the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic based on investments in the use of digital business. The project will enable the company to restructure and modernize business and production processes and introduce new digital business models, thus maintaining its market position in the short term and strengthening its position in the long term and penetrating new markets and niche markets.


The goals of the project are:

implementation of digital transformation in the company, namely through the transition to digitalization of business and adaptation to digital markets,
improving the competencies of employees in the company in the field of digitalization,
increase added value per employee.


The total value of the project is 193,946.08 EUR. The value of eligible costs is EUR 166,641.00. The expected value of co-financing is EUR 99,983.00. The value of the own contribution is estimated at EUR 66,658.00.

"The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund." Link to the website of European cohesion policy in Slovenia: