Loading and unloading services

For many years, Vamar has been successfully handling a wide variety of materials and cargoes, which is an important and complex part of our business. Our experienced team of experts reliably meets the challenges of handling and ensures that the processes are carried out safely and efficiently.

We have a variety of forklift trucks available to carry out handling tasks, with a maximum load capacity of 13 tonnes. This variety of forklift equipment enables us to overcome a wide range of handling challenges, regardless of the complexity and specific requirements of the project. Our forklift trucks are primarily designed for use within our company, but we also offer handling services throughout the TAM business zone.

When it comes to handling materials and loads, we focus on safety, precision and optimum use of space and time.Our team carefully plans and implements handling procedures, taking into account the specific requirements of each project and ensuring reliable handling of materials and loads. This ensures smooth production, an efficient logistics chain and the satisfaction of our customers.

In accordance with high quality and safety standards, we carry out meticulous inspections and maintenance of our forklift equipment to ensure its reliability and optimum performance.At the same time, we are constantly updating ourselves and keeping abreast of new technologies and practices in the materials handling industry to keep pace with the needs of the modern business environment.