Vamar Group is proud to be involved in various European projects, among which the P4D (Partnership for Diversity) and eVZD (e-Vocational Training for Diversity) projects stand out. Within the P4D project, we are actively involved in a partnership network that aims to promote diversity in the workplace and create an inclusive environment for employees.

In the eVZD project, we are involved in the development and implementation of e-learning programmes that provide access to diverse vocational training for all employees, regardless of age, gender or background. The ASI (Age-Sensitive ICT Skills Development) programme is an important part of our participation in the eVZD project, as it focuses on developing and improving the digital skills of older employees and their adaptation to modern information and communication technologies.

Through our active involvement in the European P4D, eVZD and ASI projects, we are demonstrating our commitment and allegiance to enhancing diversity, the inclusion of older workers and the development of innovative training approaches. Through these collaborations, we strive to create a more inclusive and equitable work environment that enables all employees to develop their potential, contribute to the success of the company and continuously learn and progress in line with the fast-changing demands of the modern business world.