Each branch of industry has its own needs for optimal industrial automation solutions. Our mission is to provide solutions that are directly linked to the engineering sector. Machines in production are designed to manage and control the production process and to provide all the necessary data that is crucial to optimise the workflow. The automation of the production workflow is mainly based on machinery, as this is one of the characteristic conditions for the development of industry. In many countries, it has become a driving force for economic development and the most important activity for employment and gross domestic product growth.

We offer integrated solutions in the field of industrial automation and mechanical engineering: from the definition of the customer’s requirements to the technical solutions, manufacturing, supply and installation of the hardware. Mechanical engineering requires extensive experience, technical and technological expertise and analytical skills. For each individual customer, we carry out a detailed analysis of the requirements, check and find the appropriate solutions and preferred specifications, according to the specific requirements of the project. We manufacture both serial and individual parts for all sizes of machines, namely machine housings such as: press parts, deep drilling machines, circular saws, gearbox housings, feeding devices.

We are aware that the use of modern high-tech equipment for machine construction, in accordance with all technological requirements, guarantees the highest quality of our products.