Corrosion protection

At Vamar, we understand that corrosion protection is key to ensuring the long-term durability of our products. That’s why we specialise in the full range of corrosion protection procedures for steel structures.

We use advanced techniques in the corrosion protection process, including blasting, priming, intermediate coating and final topcoat. Sandblasting is a key step in surface preparation as it allows the removal of rust, dirt and old coating and creates an ideal substrate for the application of protective coatings.

Our blasting cabins are designed to allow indoor blasting, ensuring efficiency, cleanliness and safety in the process.The blasting quality achieves SA 2.5 standard, which ensures high quality surface preparation.The blasting is followed by the application of a primer, which constitutes the first protective layer.The primer provides good adhesion to the surface and additional protection against corrosion. The intermediate coating is then applied as an additional layer to increase the resistance and durability of the coating system. The final topcoat provides an aesthetic appearance and additional protection against weathering, UV radiation and other external factors.

Our coating chamber is specially designed to ensure a high quality and uniform application of coatings. With dimensions of 3.2m x 14m, it allows for the treatment of different sizes of structures and provides optimal conditions for the drying of coatings, resulting in high quality and durable protective layers.

When carrying out corrosion protection, we focus on the use of top-quality materials, precision in the execution of procedures and careful control of every step of the process. Our professional team regularly receives training and stays up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the corrosion protection industry to provide the best solutions for our customers.