ASI Programme

The Vamar Group is committed to promoting active ageing of the workforce and the continuous development of the competences of older employees in order to prolong their working lives. In this light, we are implementing a number of key measures, including the development of a comprehensive strategy for the effective management of older employees and the development of their career paths with a focus on strengthening their competences.

Our approach includes the creation of individual personal and career development plans for older employees, tailored to their specific needs, goals and ambitions. In addition, we encourage their participation in motivation programmes specifically designed for older employees, enabling them to maintain high levels of motivation, engagement and job satisfaction.

We also offer lifelong career orientation training to enable older employees to acquire the key skills and knowledge to cope successfully with the challenges of the modern workplace. Through this process, we systematically develop their ability to adapt to change, technological innovation and new demands in the workplace.

All our activities are geared towards building the competences of older employees through a comprehensive training programme. This enables them to acquire new knowledge, skills and abilities that are essential for their effective work and their contribution to the development and growth of the company.