about us


As a family-owned company with offices in Maribor, Slovenia, we are engaged in the production of steel structures, mainly in the field of heavy goods transport technology, mechanical engineering and construction. Our primary activities include material processing, assembly and welding, erection, machining and corrosion protection. We employ more than 100 professional staff who are involved in the execution of our core processes. We have established strong business relationships with our partners in Germany, Austria, France and the United States, enabling us to expand our operations internationally.

Our company culture is focused on mutual loyalty and loyalty, both among our employees and our business partners. This is the basis for our competitive advantage and the guarantee of long-term cooperation. A culture based on the value of corporate governance with a long-term thinking orientation has become an important part of the company’s future.


The Vamar Group is a reliable partner for the production of transport technology and machinery of the highest quality. Through gradual and constant development and the pursuit of perfection, we have reached an enviable level in our industry. As a strategic partner to companies for the production of transport technology, the Vamar Group has set itself the priority objective of maintaining its partnership at the highest level in order to strengthen and accelerate its further expansion. The Vamar Group will ensure long-term value retention and corporate culture. We focus all our innovation and know-how for the benefit of our customers and employees.


Our mission is to create long-term business relationships with our customers by ensuring a high level of quality and meeting delivery deadlines. With a focus on innovation and continuous technological improvement, we strive to be a leader in the steel construction industry. At the same time, we value and respect our employees, believing that they are the key to our success. We strive to create a stimulating work environment that encourages the growth, development and satisfaction of our teams.

The Vamar Group stands for values and sustainable development for its employees and business partners.


Vamar was founded in 2001 by a father and son. Radivoj Vasić, after the collapse of the big companies in Maribor in the last decade of the last century, started from practically nothing with his son Aleksandar Markuš. The company started operating from 80m2 of rented production space. With their will, knowledge, courage and a small circle of colleagues, they started to build a company that has gradually grown into an enviable and trustworthy enterprise, which today extends over 3,410 m2 of production space and includes material cutting and pre-processing, assembly and welding, assembly, machining and corrosion protection.


As a company, we know that it is crucial to gain insight into our expected results by examining our history. By repeating activities on a daily basis until they become automatic, we aim to achieve excellence. Our talents, natural abilities, acquired knowledge and experience form an important whole which, without our persistence to keep going in spite of failures and mistakes, and to keep learning and developing even in the face of achievements, would not bring the desired goals and success.

The Vamar Group of Companies is committed to mutual loyalty and loyalty, both to our employees and to our business partners. This is where we derive our competitive advantage and our guarantee for long-term performance. Our corporate culture is based on the value of corporate governance with a long-term thinking orientation and has become an important part of the future of our group of companies. The daily repetition of activities until they become automatic leads us on the path to excellence. We recognise that our talents and natural abilities, the knowledge we have learned and the experience we have gained, form an important whole, which would not deliver the desired goal and success without the persistence to move on from failures and mistakes and to continue to learn and develop despite successes.

It is imperative that we introduce high quality assurance standards. We have implemented all the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, which ensures quality management in our company and allows us to synergise with specific standards such as welding standards. For our company, the standard provides a framework for strategic and operational management.

The Quality Policy is an integral part of the business strategy in the Vamar Group of companies and applies to all employees in the Group. The company’s processes are implemented in a way and with the aim of meeting customer requirements, which are also continuously verified and improved by means of measurable targets. Technical know-how, together with a high degree of creativity and the will to work with precision, are the foundation for all Vamar